A Defining Year for Sheffield 3D Printing Business

2023 Has been a defining year for the Sheffield-based 3D printing business, AME-3D. Join them as they reflect on our milestones and look ahead to 2024.

Return to exhibiting

Earlier in the year, AME-3D announced they were returning to exhibit at TCT3SIXTY, which is something the Sheffield 3D printing business hasn’t done since COVID.

It was a successful event, seeing the 3D team reconnect with old faces and meet new people with some interesting conversations to take away.

Relaunching their website

Alongside returning to exhibiting, AME-3D had been working on redefining themselves since the start of the year. Within this, tweaking their branding, solidified their offerings and relaunched the website with a new design to reflect this.

New automatic shot-blasting machine

AME-3D welcomed a new cutting-edge automatic depowdering and shot blasting machine into their workshop from PostPro DP. This cuts lead times down, enabling customers to get their parts quicker and increases finished quality. 

A significant move to show the investment AME-3D are putting in to be able to provide better quality solutions for their customers.

New Martrix 520 LCD 3D Printer

They have recently acquired a new 3D printer. The Martrix 520 comes with 6 new materials, one of which can produce rubber-like parts. This new technology is an LCD method of 3D printing, similar to SLA but slightly different. 

With quicker print times & a range of materials, this is another great addition to their lineup.

Record breaking quarter

Finally, exceeding targets and seeing excellent growth. This year, AME-3D hit their best-ever quarter to date. A great effort by the whole team.


Reflecting back on 2023, their managing director Rich said, ‘Looking back over 2023 is both exciting and encouraging for AME. We’ve seen continued growth across the business, with more new customers using for the first time and continuing to use us as their preferred supplier. We’ve increased our technology offering adding another UK first with the Martrix LCD 3D printer offering a host of new materials. From biild, our partner design agency, we have continued to support entrepreneurs, SMEs and blue chip customers to bring new products to market. A personal highlight for me has been seeing team members both starting and completing professional training courses.

As I look ahead to 2024 we have plenty of opportunities ahead of us. From a production side we’re looking at new material options and how we reduce our carbon footprint. On the product development side we’re always seeking to push ourselves to be better, take on bigger and more complex challenges and deliver more creative solutions for our clients.

Wishing you all the very best for Christmas and a happy new year.’

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