Additive Manufacturing Technology Transfer project

Metal additive manufacturing (AM) – often referred to as metal 3D printing – is a method of fabrication in which a part is built up layer by layer according to a computer model.

Enabling rapid manufacturing and prototyping with the potential to greatly shorten lead times, AM can create highly complex parts and produces near-net-shape components with a significantly reduced need for machining or finishing.

At TWI we have been helping our Members exploit metallic AM technology for more than 20 years. Now, through the Additive Manufacturing Technology Transfer (AM-TT) project, we’re offering companies in England a chance to benefit from this experience in the form of up to seven days’ free, targeted technical support.

Whether your business is exploring AM adoption for the first time, or you’re already making use of the technology and want to be sure you’re getting all you can from it, we have the equipment, the experience and the expertise to help.

How the AM-TT project can support your business

  • Initial AM adoption investigations and feasibility studies
  • Business model generation and equipment selection
  • Design, prototyping and post-processing
  • Material characterisation, performance and validation
  • Standards and certification
  • Moving to full production

Find out more

For full details of TWI’s AM capability visit

To discuss how your business could benefit from free support under the AM-TT project, contact Nick Elbourn on 01223 899299 or 07765 403465, or email him via the contact us page.

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