Additive Manufacturing UK welcomes to the launch of the world’s largest 3D polymer printer: the Factory of Fortune 1.0

As the UK’s only trade association representing the Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing sector, we are looking forward to seeing how this cutting-edge polymer 3D printer will reshape the landscape of affordable and sustainable infrastructure.

Josh Dugdale, Head of Additive Manufacturing UK (AMUK) said: “The unveiling of the world’s largest 3D polymer printer by the University of Maine is exciting for the Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing sector. The Factory of Fortune 1.0 represents a significant step forward in development of 3D Printing technology. It is great to see the launch of a machine with the potential to redefine our approach to the built environment.”

He continued: “Our members are constantly looking for ways to enhance their products, and we are confident that the innovative Factory of Fortune will be a source of innovation and inspiration.”

AMUK is committed to supporting the development and growth of the additive manufacturing technology sector and aims to provide a platform for its members to connect, share knowledge and drive the industry forward

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