Membership Criteria

Full AMUK membership is open to organisations who are based in the UK and work within the Additive eco-system. This includes companies who research, develop, supply, or use the technology, and covers everything from materials through to the post processing and testing of finished parts, as well as organisations who conduct additive specific research and development or provide additive specific training. 

Full AMUK members are split into 2 groups: 

  • Additive users (including universities and research organisations who count the size of their AM department to ascertain their banding)
  • Technology and service suppliers – who determine their UK revenue from the AM value chain technology or services they provide. 

The subscription rates for each type of full member are shown in the tables below. 

Associate AMUK membership is available for organisations who do not fit the full member criteria, including, trade magazine publishers, banks, marketing companies or advisory services, but still wish to be part of the AMUK network. Associate AMUK membership costs £3000.00 + VAT. Please contact us today to discuss how our associate membership works. 

We also offer a free membership for schools and colleges who wish to be part of the AMUK network. If you fit this criteria and wish to join, then please get in touch.

Membership Rates

UserEmployee Number BottomEmployee Number TopAnnual +VAT
User/RTO 115£364.00
User/RTO 2610£806.00
User/RTO 31115£1,300.00
User/RTO 41620£1,846.00
User/RTO 52130£2,496.00
User/RTO 63140£3,302.00
User/RTO 74150£4,316.00
User/RTO 851+£5,590.00
SupplierTurnover Bottom                 Turnover Top                   Annual
Supplier 10250,000£364.00
Supplier 2250,001600,000£806.00
Supplier 3600,0011,150,000£1,300.00
Supplier 41,150,0012,000,000£1,846.00
Supplier 52,000,0013,300,000£2,444.00
Supplier 63,300,0015,300,000£3,094.00
Supplier 75,300,0018,450,000£3,796.00
Supplier 88,450,00113,250,000£4,550.00
Supplier 913,250,00120,600,000£5,356.00
Supplier 1020,600,001+ £6,214.00