European Commission Report – 3D Printing for the Machine Tool Industry

The European Commission has published a report titled: “Product Watch 3D printing for the machine tool industry”.

The report investigates the use of 3D printing/AM in the machine tool industry, provides an overview of the value chain and highlights the relevant stakeholders from both the machine tool and AM sectors. The report also identifies the strengths and weaknesses of the companies who work with these technologies in the EU and compares them with other international players such as the US and China.

The biggest opportunities highlighted in the report for 3D Printing/AM technologies lie in the localisation of maintenance and spare part production and in the growing need for customised and complex parts. The reports state that these could represent an opportunitiy to lead transformation of the 3D Printing/AM industry and make it into a global manufacturing player.

Further information about the report along with an opportunity to download it can be found through the link below.

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