Key Market Trends in the European Additive Manufacturing Sector – November 2022 Edition

Between September and November 2022, CECIMO, the European Association of the Machine Tool Industries and related Manufacturing Technologies, organized the fifth round of its European Additive Manufacturing Survey. This survey aims to assess key market trends in the Additive Manufacturing (AM) sector.

Launched by CECIMO, in cooperation with European national associations, this 6 month survey enables the collection of quality data directly from industry which contributes towards a European overview of the main trends in the AM market. It highlights trends in key business areas such as domestic business, AM exports, orders by material type, client industry demand and investment trend. In the UK, AMUK alongside the Manufacturing Technologies Association are responsible for collecting the data for this report.

The main points in this round of the survey are as follows:

– There is strong European AM growth in both the domestic and foreign markets.
– The highest order expectations are with composite and metal materials.
– During the next 6 months, the highest orders are expected in the medical and machinery sectors.
– Continued steady growth and strong investment are the expectations.

For those that took part in the survey, a UK specific analysis will be made available during December 2022 and will be sent directly to your inbox. This will be made available to the wider AMUK membership at the following AMUK members forum in March 2023.

The full report can be found through the link below:

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